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Narwhal to Serve QA Farmers Market; Alki's Bada Bistro

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Photo: Facebook via Seattle Met

TUKWILAThe Seattle Times heads south to Tukwila to visit Juba Restaurant and Café, calling it "A family eatery and working man's respite, a place where cabdrivers and airport workers enjoy large plates of goat or chicken with mounds of rice or noodles before heading out to work the night shift." The place is affordable and open 7 days a week. And while there is camel on the menu, the dish to write home about apparently is the collard greens. [Seattle Times]

QUEEN ANNE— Renee Erickson's oyster truck, Narwhal (pictured), will be shucking at the Queen Anne farmers market, according to Nosh Pit. The June 6 market opening could very well be the Narwhal's public debut. [Seattle Met]

WEST SEATTLE— Alki's Beachside Cafe (formerly Alki Bakery) is changing its name and its concept. Starting next week, the restaurant with one of the best views in the city will be transformed into Bada Bistro — a Pacific Rim inspired American bistro. It'll also be the only scratch cocktail bar on the beach. Co-owner Sharon Bang tells the West Seattle Blog, "We will open for dinner the first week, add happy hour the following week, lunch will follow, and brunch to be added for weekends in April." [WSB]