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Slide-Shows: Seattle Cochon 555 + Future Restaurants

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SEATTLESeattle Met has compiled a list of 50 Seattleites Who Are Changing the World. Included on this illustrious list: Eric Tanaka, "Food Whisperer" for Tom Douglas Restaurants; "Nabe Changer" Linda Derschang (pictured); restaurateur Matt Dillon; Rachel Marshall of Rachel's Ginger Beer; Chris Young, co-founder of ChefSteps; winemaker Brennon Leighton; and "Food Truck Fleet Commander" Stewart Chung. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLE— Over at Seattle Magazine, there's a real estate-esque slide-show featuring the future homes of five Seattle restaurants and one bar, "A virtual tour of the places where you'll soon be supping and sipping near Capitol Hill." Right now, they're all downright depressing looking. [Seattle Mag]

SEATTLE— Canlis chef Jason Franey won the big pig tournament known as Cochon 555 on Sunday. Today, the team behind the annual porcine production released their entire Flickr set of the party where pork ruled. [Cochon 555]

[Photo: Young Lee via Seattle Met ]