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Tom Douglas's Tanaka-San Update; A New Coffee Pop-Up

SEATTLESeattle Met has an update on Tom Douglas's new Asian-fusion restaurant coming to his new collection of Via6 eateries. Tanaka-San will be led by chef Brian Walczyk (pictured), formerly of Brave Horse Tavern and Seattle's Hottest Chef of 2012. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLESeattle Met also reorts that the Georgetown food truck pod, one of several taking shape throughout central Seattle, is on track to open April 1. How Pickle Got Out of a Jam and Evolution Revolution, Skillet, Monte Cristo, Jemil's Big Easy, and Xplosive are all on-board for the lunchtime pod at 6100 Fourth Avenue South. The cluster will operate from 11 am to 2 pm on weekdays. [Seattle Met]

CAPITOL HILL— First Slate, now another pop-up coffee provider has sprung up on Capitol Hill. According to the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, Shari Klein is launching her Style Espresso business inside a puny trailer in the Shell station parking lot at Broadway and Pike. [CHS]

[Photo: S. Pratt]