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Cicero Finds Agrodolce 'More Sour Than Sweet'

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Photo: S. Pratt

Agrodolce sure is getting its fair share of write-ups. Providence Cicero at The Seattle Times offers up the third review in two weeks. (Check out the reviews of both The Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin and The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement if you haven't already).

The Italian coastal cuisine via Fremont courtesy of James Beard Award winner Maria Hines has been mostly scrutinized for not living up to critic expectations. In her review today, Cicero is no exception, pointing out, "I expected to be wowed by her newest restaurant, Agrodolce — and eventually I was — but it took three visits." But she ultimately explains:

Though I found the dining experience still a bit more sour than sweet, expect improvement, because the performance expectations of Hines and her team are likely greater than anyone's.

Standout dishes for Cicero included crepinette of ground lamb and pork and all three desserts on the menu.

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