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Rachel's Ginger Beer to Occupy Old SBC Space in PPM

Rachel Marshall of Rachel's Ginger Beer is getting ready to take over a prime piece of Seattle real estate. By July 1, she's planning to take over the old Seattle's Best Coffee corner spot in Pike Place Market. She tells Seattle Met that she envisions "a combination of soda fountain and bar," serving floats using Cupcake Royale ice cream by day, and Moscow mules and other ginger and not-so-gingery cocktails by night. Says Marshall: "It's not by any means a craft cocktail bar, but if you want a Manhattan? Sure."

But perhaps the most important factor here: she is not keeping the iconic neon coffee mug that has become a city scape fixture. She does say, however, that she'll be replacing it with some sort of comparable glowing design.

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[Photo: Rachel's Ginger Beer/Facebook]