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Watch the Winning Admiral Grocery Bagger on Letterman

Andrew Borracchini, the 18-year-old O'Dea High School senior and nationally renowned grocery bagger at West Seattle's Metropolitan Market made his television debut on Late Show with David Letterman last night. The two men squared off in a grocery bagging contest, where Borracchini proved why he won the title of Best Bagger in Las Vegas last month.

Speaking about his job, Borracchini told Dave, "I have to clean the toilets, mop the whole store, and help out all the customers." Dave's reply:

But the bagging — anyone who has ever worked in a grocery store or shopped in a grocery stores knows that bagging is the heart and soul, the very life blood of the American food inudstry.

Borracchini says he won the bagging competition in 43 seconds — two seconds less than what he needed to earn a perfect score. That's how Seattle does it!