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Mobile Food Rodeo 2013: The Final Wave Announced

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Photo: Mobile Food Rodeo

The third and final wave of food trucks heading to this year's Cinco de Mayo Mobile Food Rodeo in Fremont has been announced. Ezell's Express, Off the Rez, Hallava Falafel, and How Pickle Got Out of a Jam are among some of the newly-announced trucks joining Maximus Minimus, Skillet, Jemil's Big Easy, Bigfood, Tokyo Dog, Marination, Barking Frog (yes, that Barking Frog) and many others for a wheel-induced food extravaganza that saw more than 17,000 attendees last year.

Here is a complete list of the 36 trucks participating in this year's one day truck stop. And if you want to skip the lines, consider a VIF pass (Very Important Foodie) pass.

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