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Sebi's Brings Polish Fare to Eastlake

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Remember the original Red Robin on Eastlake, just south of the University Bridge? Demolished now, and awaiting rebirth as a barbecue joint (stay tuned). Across the street, in that stucco-covered, pseudo-castle building? For a long time, a club called Scoundrel's Lair (a music venue), then a Romio's pizzeria, and briefly, earlier this year, it became Borsalino's.

For the past three weeks, it's been Sebi's, short for Sebastian, the oldest son of the restaurant's co-owner and chef, Kamila Kanczugowski. Sebastian's actually a financial advisor who helps out at the restaurant from time to time. His younger brother David is co-owner and bar manager.

Among the taps: a plethora of beers from Poland (Lomza, Zywiec, Perla, Okocim) and the Czech Republic (Golden Pheasant). Happy hour eats include pub grub like wings, pierogies, and "personal pizzas." After 6 PM, it's straightforward "Mitteleuropa" fare (from central and eastern Europe): schnitzels, cabbage rolls, and so forth. Word spreads fast in Seattle's Polish community; they all know about the spot. It's only a matter of time until the rest of Seattle catches on. For now, they're so far under the radar they don't even have a website yet (but they do have a barely-active Facebook page).

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3242 Eastlake Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102