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Beers Galore! Chuck's Hop Shop Coming to E. Union

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your beer-drinking engines!

Chuck Shin, an under-the-radar beer enthusiast with a "bar that isn't a bar" in Greenwood, tells Capitol Hill Seattle that he's signed a lease to take over the empty Copymaster space at 20th Ave. and E. Union St. After he takes possession on April 1 and a two-month buildout, Shin will open the space as a tavern called Chuck's Hop Shop featuring 50 taps and 1,000 bottled beers.

The new tavern will occupy space across the street from the adorable Katy's on the eastern slope of Capitol Hill.

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[Photo: Dikla Tuchman/CHS]

Chuck's Hop Shop

2001 E. Union St., Seattle, WA 98122