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Chef Tom Black Heads to Bis on Main

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tomblack.jpgOn the heels of his somewhat sticky departure from Restaurant Bea last summer, chef Tom Black has landed at another B: Bellevue's Bis on Main. Says Black:

I guess there is a theme there. One provided me with a chance to open my own place and go through the whole process from start to finish; it is just too bad you can't always see crazy until it is too late. The other is an opportunity to do again what I love — cook for people in a comfortable environment surrounded by professionals who know what they are doing.

Being a self-described culinary mercenary on-and-off for years — cooking on yachts and private cheffing — Black says the decision to settle down wasn't entirely easy, but that he ultimately took the job because he was ready for another challenge. Plus, the fortune cookie he cracked open days before told him so.

Bis on Main offers an established fine dining platform for which I can help expand upon and improve. Doing private dinners and teaching classes are very rewarding and have given me the space I needed, but at the end of the day, I am a restaurant chef and that is where I am most comfortable.

His goals are simple ones: make great food, lead a great kitchen team and run a profitable business.

I think Joe Vilardi, the owner, has taken a step in a new direction for himself and the restaurant, at least I feel this way. Updating the menu is not an immediate concern for either myself or Joe. Change will happen in a timeline that has yet to be determined. When it does, I am sure it will have my influence blended in with tried and true Bis favorites.

Black takes the helm starting Monday.

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