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Zippy's, Kidd Valley, John Howie Steak By the Numbers

How many burgers does Zippy's sell daily? Who supplies the meat for Kidd Valley? What's the most popular burger at John Howie Steak? This and more vital information below as we break down BURGERS BY THE NUMBERS.

From "Lord Zippy Blaine, the Duke of the Delridge" at Zippy's:

How many burgers a week? We sell around 3,000 sandwiches a week. Plus a couple hundred breakfast sammies.

How much meat do you order a week? We grind fresh daily and patty up by hand 1,000 pounds of meat a week. We only use one cut of beef and that is chuck. Grinding the meat daily ensures that every patty is a little bit different.

What about the bacon? Neighborhood of 300 pounds a week.

zippys-logo.jpgWho's your meat supplier? We work with a small local supplier called Seabend.

Liters a week of ketchup? Mustard? 3 cases of ketchup or 18 #10 size cans.. not too to much mustard. Our secret sauce is mayo based and we go through 360 pounds of mayo.

How much lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle? Lbs of potatoes? Cheese? Lettuce, 7 cases. Tomatoes, 10-12 cases. Those damn onions: 100 pounds of yellow onions and about 200 pounds of red onions.
French Fries like 600-700 pounds. Another 300 pounds of tater tots and a couple hundred pounds of onion rings.150 pounds or so of sweet potato fries. Pickles? Oh, like, let's say 6 5 gallon buckets.
How much cheese?? A hundred-plus pounds a week.

Most popular burger? That would be the Zip Burger with bacon and cheese, and the #11.

Milkshakes: most popular flavors? Strawberry and chocolate remain the favorites. We go through 18-20 tubs, roughly 600+ shakes a week. Mixed to order with our one three head shake machine.

What about all that bottled cane sugar soda you guys sell? How many cases to you go through? Maybe 30-40 cases a week a little over 700 bottles.

Is there ever a line out the door? Why yes, there is quite often. We don't have a microwave . We don't pre-cook our burgers. Everything is cooked to order. Sometimes that takes some time. Hence the wait.

kidd-valley-logo.jpgFrom Jim Werth, marketing manager for all eight Kidd Valley locations:

How many burgers do you sell in a week? 12,329 burgers

How much meat do you order a week for the burgers? Approximately 2,498 lbs

Who's your meat supplier? Can't disclose, but it is locally sourced

Liters a week of ketchup? 58 Gallons

Mustard? 1 Gallon

How much: Lettuce? 887 lbs. Tomato? 1,016 lbs. Onions? 930 lbs. Pickles? 50 lbs. Potatoes? 3,996 lbs. Cheese? 557 lbs.

What's your most popular burger? Kidd Valley Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Milkshakes: most popular flavor? Chocolate

How many gallons? 374 Gallons

How many milkshake machines? At least one per location.

Is there ever a line out the door? Yes, but it varies at times. Certain high volume lunch locations (Greenlake, Aurora, Queen Anne) will see waves. If or when we run special promotions (birthdays, burger contest) that will drive a fair amount of traffic. Great weather can also drive traffic out the door, especially with a location like Gene Coulon Park in Renton.

JHS-logo.jpgFrom John Howie, John Howie Steak and SeaStar (Seattle & Bellevue combined):

How many burgers do you sell in a week? JHS: 450-600, Seastar: 100-200.

How much meat do you order a week for the burgers? JHS: 300 lbs., Seastar: 100 lbs.

Who's your meat supplier? Greater Omaha Beef for the USDA Prime, Snake River Farms in Idaho for the Wagyu.

Liters a week of ketchup? Mustard? JHS: 12 lbs. of ketchup (mostly for fries), about 3 lbs. of mustard, but about 4 gallons of secret sauce. Seastar: half of JHS, plus about 2 gallons of porcini mushroom mayo.

How much lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle? Lbs of potatoes? Cheese? JHS: 60 heads of lettuce, 200 beef steak tomatoes, 100 large red onions, 700 lbs. of potatoes, 40 lbs. of Beechers Reserve. Seastar: 20 lbs. of cremini mushrooms, 6 lbs. of arugula, and 10 lbs. fontina cheese. .

What's your most popular burger? JHS: Mesquite-Grilled USDA Prime Burger with Bacon and Beechers Reserve Cheddar. At Seastar: Wagyu Mushroom Burger with Arugula.

Milkshakes: most popular flavors? Don't sell them.

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