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This is a Photo of the New Ezell's Express Innards

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Ezell's Express isn't quite ready for its exterior close-up, but they've given Eater this exclusive look into the inner workings of their food truck, which is expected to roll out soon, depending on a few inspections.

Here are the mobile specs straight from the Ezell's ladies, Phylicia Davidson and Jennifer Stephens:

We have four Vulcan VK45 fryers which is all we need! With a straightforward menu like ours, all we need is fryers and refrigeration. Keep it simple. What makes our truck special is that it was designed with the customer first. What do we as owners want when we order our food: freshness, straight from the skillet. The design was to keep production simple and fast.

Ezell's Express will definitely be ready in time for the Mobile Food Rodeo on May 5, with a "sneak peek" expected sometime before then.

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