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Larkin Young Lands Job at Willows Inn Without Cooking

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Photo: Willows Inn/Facebook

It wasn't that long ago Larkin Young headed to the line at Canlis. Now, he'll be joining the team at Willows Inn on Lummi Island. It's a job he snagged without having to demonstrate his cooking:

It was a working interview where I got to help pick and clean edibles from the island, like sea peas, minors lettuce, rock crop, and reindeer lichen to name just a few. I didn't cook anything for the chefs. I think it was partially to see how I worked and fit in with the crew because the cooks spend a lot if time together in the kitchen and on the island.

Young won't have a title, other than "one of three cooks in the kitchen" — that's in addition to chef Blaine Wetzel and two sous.

I'll pretty much be learning a new style of cooking with ingredients I haven't had the opportunity to use, so I'll be following their lead in the kitchen. I dont think I'll have a title, or need one. I'll just be content working with such a talented staff.

He starts Thursday.

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The Willows Inn

2579 West Shore Drive, Lummi Island,, WA 98262 (360) 758-2620