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The Stranger's BJC Reviews Bar Sajor

Photo: S. Pratt

This week's roundup is a short one, as Hanna Raskin is using her Seattle Weekly print space this week for the Voracious Tasting Award winners, leaving The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement with review honors. BJC heads to Pioneer Square to visit Matt Dillon's Bar Sajor, which she clearly adores right from the get-go. She gushes:

The next time someone asks where to get seafood in Seattle, Bar Sajor should probably be the answer. I ate a salad of bycatch octopus that had been braised in the wood-fired oven with vinegar, chilies, and walnut shells ($14.50). It had a restrained oceangoing flavor, a bouncy but tender texture—sometimes a little chewy but never rubbery—and came with a thick walnut sauce, dill for freshness, and an oozing egg yolk for vivid creaminess and color.

Other Bar Sajor adjectives tossed around by the crush-drenched Clement include: fantastic, prettiest, excellent, delicious, stellar, salubrious, and great.

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Bar Sajor

323 Occidental Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98104