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The Stranger's Week at Chico Madrid; Vij's vs. Shanik

Photo: Shanik/Discover SLU

Bethany Jean Clement documents her week-long love affair with Chico Madrid, a tiny cafe and bar on the west slope of Capitol Hill that opened in late March. Of the signature Spanish-style sandwiches, she says:

The bocadillos—the baguette sandwiches found everywhere in Spain—are made with lightly toasted Columbia City ficelle drizzled with olive oil. You can taste the high quality of the canned tuna in the bonito one ($8), which comes with a restrained amount of aioli and most of the ingredients from the romaine salad; the bits of preserved lemon make this good sandwich great.

In the subheader, Clement says she "would like to go here every day, possibly forever." Now, that's a testimonial.

Seattle Magazine's Alli Scheff asks whether or not Vij's is still worth the trip up to Vancouver now that it's younger sibling Shanik is open right here in Seattle. Her consensus: "Having tasted Dhalwala's handiwork at Vij's, I have faith that Shanik is simply getting its sea legs."

Scheff actually makes a pilgrimage to Vij's just for the sake of comparison:

I'd never been, so the comparisons nagged at me. How would I know if Shanik stacked up if I didn't have a baseline opinion on Vij's?

Ultimately, Scheff is wowed by Vij's and is pretty sure she will eventually, maybe, hopefully, be wowed by Shanik, too.

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