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Behold, an Epic Night of Industry Karaoke at Bush Garden

Here's a special feature that really needs no introduction. It's basically a photo gallery of a booze-fueled night of karaoke at Bush Garden with a group of industry folks, because why not? Included in this party: Ethan Stowell, Josh Henderson, Jason Stratton (Spinasse, Artusi, Aragona), Adam Fortuna (bar manager, Artusi; winner of Cochon 555 Punch Kings), Thierry Rautureau (Rover's, LUC), Kim Mahar (pastry chef, RN74), Angie Roberts (exec chef, Hollywood Tavern), and Kamala Saxton (Marination), along with her catering manager, Michelle Boline and ma kai bartender, David Hori.

The crew gathered last night for some bottled beer, tequila and whiskey. Oh, right, and some singing. The song list included:
Stratton — "Bullet with Butterfly Wings," Smashing Pumpkins; "I've Been Loving You Too Long," Otis Redding; "Purple Rain," Prince.
Fortuna — "Last Goodbye," Jeff Buckley; "Fallin'," Alicia Keys.
Rautureau — "My Way," Frank Sinatra; "Mack the Knife."
Stowell and Rautureau — "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart," Elton John & Kiki Dee.
Mahar and Roberts — "Delta Dawn," Helen Reddy.

Here now, photo proof* of the hot mess that went down old-school gritty karaoke bar style.

*Professional photos from A. Garland have been sullied with a few iPhone pics.

ED NOTE: It's not uncommon for a karaoke bar to be the respite du jour after a long night in the kitchen, but it is uncommon for a photographer to document all the action. A big "thank you" to those who braved the stage for the world to see.