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Power to the People: Tup Tim Thai Will Stay Open!

Photo: Common Esculents

Astonishing news to fans of the 24-year-old Tup Tim Thai. Thanks to customers' loud "No-o-o-o-o's" and a letter from the neighborhood group Uptown Alliance (aka lower Queen Anne), the popular restaurant will stay open.

Earlier this month it looked the end of the road when the landlord raised the $4,000 monthly rent to $8,000, said Tup Tim Thai co-owner Terry Pramoulmetar. The landlord didn't respond when the restaurant tried to negotiate the rent. Since they couldn't afford the new rent, T3 sent in their final check and put up closing signs.

Then the fan uproar started, accompanied by a letter from the Uptown Alliance asking both parties to reach a viable agreement on the lease.

It worked like a charm. Last Thursday the restaurant and landlord reached a rental agreement of $5,300.

Up went new signs that read, "We're Staying Open."

Pramoulmetar and his crew are beyond elated. He says he is most surprised by and grateful for the fierce support of the customers: "The people really fought to keep us open."

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