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Where Are Seattle's Best Restaurant & Bar Patios?

Because Friday was the day to get the eff out of town and not hanging out online, Open Threads has found a new home this week: Tuesday. And because nothing says "welcome back from a three-day weekend" like daydreaming about day-drinking and lounging around on a sun-soaked patio, the question du jour is, "Which eating and drinking establishments do you turn to for a patio craving?" Any patio will do, but the more uncovered the better. It is, after all, almost summer. At least that's what the calendar says.

Leave your patio suggestion(s) in the comments including why you are nominating said patio, or if you're of the shy persuasion, send them to the tipline. As usual, the best answers will be compiled later this week and turned into a handy map that will hopefully act as a guide to Seattle's best patios.

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