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Twin Peaks & Cherry Pie; Ray's Made-Over Voyage

Photo: The Stranger/A. Garland

The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement takes one for the team this week as she heads to North Bend and orders some cherry pie and a cup of coffee made famous by the David Lynch television series Twin Peaks. Not only is the cafe called Twede's and not Double-R Diner, the pie is disgusting, according to BJC:

"This must be where pies go when they die"—Coop's line in Twin Peaks was meant in a good way, but this pie is on the verge of expiration. The crust is dry where it should be moist, compressed where it should be light, mealy where it should be flaky. The cherry filling is a lurid, unnatural red; it looks like artificial cherry flavor tastes, and the taste itself is overpowered by the gelatinous texture.

Surely the coffee is good, right? Perhaps. But its downfall is that it's never refilled. Once again, very un-Twin Peaks like.

Over at The Seattle Times, Providence Cicero checks out Ray's Boathouse post-revamp. The fancy new shine on the waterfront perch is a no-brainer, but the food? Says Cicero:

Primed by the scenery, pampered by a discerning staff and knowing that the bill wouldn't be small for the high-quality seafood that has always been Ray's hallmark, I had high hopes the kitchen would rise to the occasion. Overall it does, with a few missteps that only nitpicking restaurant critics might fault.

Nitpicking aside, the place still earned 3 stars in Cicero's book.

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