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Coconut Cream Pie Eating Contest; Canon Serves Brunch

Photo: Canon/Facebook

BELLTOWN— Wednesday is national coconut cream pie day, and in honor of the momentous occasion, Tom Douglas is hosting a coconut cream pie eating contest. It all goes down (and hopefully doesn't come back up) May 8 at noon outside the Dahlia Bakery. Anyone can join. Just shoot an email to Tom D's base camp. Prizes include coconut cream pies, gift cards and more sweet treats! [EaterWire]

SEATTLESuspended coffee is coming to Seattle. Rebekah Denn of The Seattle Times reports that the Wallingford branch of The Essential Baking Company is beginning its own version "where customers can buy a token for an extra cup of coffee for a future stranger and put it in a jar at the counter. People in need will be able to take a token and redeem it for a free cup." [Seattle Times]

CAPITOL HILLCanon is officially getting into the brunch business starting this weekend. According to Seattle Met, brunch service starts at 10 on Saturday and Sunday and runs until dinner. "The menu is divided between breakfasty items (spiced Cointreau French toast, a banh mi with a fried egg) and more lunch-leaning dishes like steamed mussels and lamb flatbread." Here's a looksie at the full menu. [Seattle Met]


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