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Watch Tom Douglas Talk Culinary Landscape, Books, Etc.

Photo: S. Pratt

Here's a video of Tom Douglas giving a Google Talk where, yes, he discusses his latest cookbook, The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook: Sweetness in Seattle, but in addition to topics like the current culinary landscape ("Restaurants have become the hub of our communities...which keeps chumps like me in business.") and staying on top of food trends (modern Indian will be the next Big Thing, according to him).

Douglas, who admits that at 10-years-old he was the largest child in his family of six sisters and an older brother, also speaks of his love for cooking: "Cooking is a treasure. I say, put your computer and your TV in the kitchen and keep cooking, even if you have to watch The Voice while you're doing it."

Eater National has the video.>>