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Bid on a Pot Pig; Naked City Beer Garden; 'Locally Grown'

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SEATTLE— BB Ranch is auctioning off one of their high-ly coveted pot pigs. Nosh Pit reports that you have through June 20 to bid on one of the Pike Place Market butcher's 55-pound porkers. Bidding starting at $150. Send bids to and follow BB Ranch on Facebook to find out who will be riding high on the whole hog. [Seattle Met]

GREENWOOD— Naked City Brewing has named their new all-ages-but-no-dogs beer garden 'Walrus.' PhinneyWood reports that the Walrus Beer Garden is named after the Walrus blues tavern that was originally on that site before burning down three decades ago. The beer garden's grand opening will be June 21. [PhinneyWood]

SEATTLE— There's a new comedy web series called 'Locally Grown' based on a fictional farmers market and shot partly at the Ballard Farmers Market. Rebekah Denn of The Seattle Times chats with creator and co-writer Simon Hamlin, "a local kid who remembers picking Pike Place Market for his seventh-grade school report on 'my favorite spot in Seattle.'" A few local celebrities, including Lauren Tewes (a.k.a. 'Julie' from the Love Boat), will be making an appearances. [Seattle Times]