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Inside Tom D's Expansive Tanakasan & Assembly Hall

Photos: S. Pratt

It opened rather quietly on Monday — Tanakasan, embedded in Tom Douglas's new 10,000 square-foot Assembly Hall, which is situated inside the Via6 apartment complex and within eye-shot of his offices next door to Palace Kitchen on 6th and Lenora. Inside is a coffee and juice bar, a garden store, some shuffleboard, knick-knacks for sale, upstairs seating, and opening Monday, Home Remedy — a 2,000 square-foot deli and quick shop that will include a salad bar and pizzeria, along with a daily dinner special.

Tanakasan, named after corporate chef Eric Tanaka and led by executive chef Brian Walczyk (the former chef at Douglas's Brave Horse), seats about 80 inside and another 60 outdoors under heat lamps.

According to Puget Sound Business Journal, other features due to open soon include a breakfast bar, a small gallery and gift shop, a flower shop and a packaging room with food from Douglas's other restaurants.

And just two days ago, Douglas announced he was opening a culinary center in Hotel Andra. What a show-off.

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