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Zoi Antonitsas Back at MPC; Homegrown Gluten-Freedom

MADISON PARK— For a few days this week, chef Zoi Antonitsas will return to the restaurant she helped launch. The executive chef for the upcoming Westward will be cooking at Madison Park Conservatory along with Westward sous, Gerald Lisi, Thursday through Saturday. The two will be serving some MPC staples along with select menu items from their new place. Antonitsas left MPC seven months ago after a two year stint running its kitchen. [EaterWire]

SEATTLEHomegrown is no longer charging extra for their homemade gluten-free bread. Co-founder Ben Friedman says, "We wanted to give people the opportunity to choose the most healthy option (for them) without having to pay extra at every meal. The surcharge is so frustrating for gluten-free dieters as almost every restaurant in the city charges extra." [EaterWire]

BALLARD— A friendly reminder that Stoneburner is now officially open. The newest restaurant on Ballard Avenue celebrated its first lunch service today. The place will be doing "lunch only" this week while they work out the usual kinks of a new restaurant. Starting July 1, the restaurant will begin full-service, which includes lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. [EaterWire]


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