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Oops! String of Bikini Barista Stands Busted for Sex

A big bust in Snohomish County after "bikini" baristas from seven different stands were detained for alleged prostitution and lewd conduct.

According to the Everett Herald, Java Juggs owner Carmela Panico was arrested and booked under investigation of "promoting prostitution and permitting prostitution."

More shocking: a 30-year veteran of the county sheriff's office, a sergeant, was also arrested for promoting the alleged prostitution by tipping off the girls when a cop might be watching.

Everett police say a three-month surveillance showed "customers exchanging money for the girls working there either exposing themselves or providing sexual contact." It's worth noting that in 2011, Panico pled guilty to misdemeanor lewd conduct while serving coffee out of one of her stands.

Eater National has the video.>>