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Tinello Softly Opens This Week

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Photo: Tinello/Facebook

Quite a few keen-eyed readers have hit up the tipline over the past few days to divulge mucho activity going on at second and Jackson where Tinello will soon exist. The restaurant near King Street Station in Pioneer Square will tilt towards Mediterranean and southern Italian. Owner Rudy LaValle (formerly of Rialto Pasta Bar & Grill), who is opening the place with his partner David Hahne (formerly of Enotria), says they will open the doors for Art Walk Thursday from noon to 6 pm with a scaled down menu. The same goes for Friday. The full menu will launch next week with an official grand opening likely after the dust settles around June 17. A great place to follow Tinello's progress is through Facebook, where the guys have done swell job of posting photos and documenting general progress.

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314 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98104