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Where's the Best Place for Vegan Food in Seattle?

It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. Got stage fright? Feel free to send your suggestion to the tipline instead.

PETA just ranked Seattle number six on their list of the top vegan cities in the country for 2013.

Portland ranked number two, right behind first-place Austin.

Says PETA:

Standout restaurants include Araya's Place with its avocado curry with seitan, Chaco Canyon Organic Café with its eggless asparagus-mushroom quiche, Wayward Vegan Cafe with its tofuevos rancheros, and Pizza Pi with the Tropic Thunder pizza, made with white garlic sauce, Canadian "bacon," spinach, pineapple, red onion, and coconut.

Georgetown Liquor Company and Highline also get a shout-out.

Because it's chime-in Friday, where do you think is the best place for vegan food in Seattle? Do you agree with PETA's list, or is there another spot deserving of some animal-friendly lovin'?

Share your suggestions — along with why you're nominating it — in the comments and, per usual, the best answers will be rounded up and made into a map of Seattle's Best Places For Vegan Food. Now, go hug your cat.

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