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The Return of the Top Pot Doughnut Burger

Photo: S. Pratt

Remember the Top Pot Burgers (really big sliders) Sun Liquor Distillery put on its menu back in April in honor of Eater Burger Week 2013? The doughnut burger is back. For one day only. Because, you know, it's National Doughnut Day and what's a better way to celebrate than by turning the glazed treat into something even more gluttonous? No, seriously.

According to Sun Liquor Distillery, "We will start serving them at lunch and continue until we sell out!" They open at 11 am. The burger they have on their menu today is actually a burger, not a slider. It comes with hardwood smoked bacon, fresh green lettuce and tomatoes. It will set you back $10.

Seattle Met is already calling the doughnut burger "legendary".

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Sun Liquor Distillery

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