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The Battle For Ballard's Best Ice Cream

With the recent opening of Li'l Woody's in Ballard that arrived bearing a Molly Moon's ice cream counter, there are now three gourmet ice cream spots within one block, including Full Tilt and Cupcake Royale. But which is best? The Stranger's Megan Seling digs deep this week to get an answer.

To answer this burning question, I gathered up three pints from each shop–chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel — took them home, hid which brand was which, and fed each and every one to a brave, sweet-toothed panel. I also brought the leftovers into work because, man, nine pints of ice cream is really a lot of ice cream.

The winner? Without giving away the ending, let's just say this is the perfect excuse to start an ice cream "research and development" crawl immediately. And maybe play some pinball.

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