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Copper Gate Becomes Olaf's in August, Ship Not Included

Fans of Ballard staple The Copper Gate were shocked when it closed on June 30 with little warning and even less info about who or what would fill its 67-year-old address.

As it turns out, The Copper Gate is slated to become a brand new hangout called Olaf's and some familiar faces are involved. Former Persimmon chef/owner Sara Moot, who has been serving at Lecosho since her restaurant closed in 2010, will be in charge of food. Stumbling Goat and Ma'ono server/bartender David "Cheeto" Chilson will handle the service and liquor side of things. Local entrepreneur Pete Pigott will be handling the business end of things, as well as doing "everything from bussing tables to getting ice."

The name — Olaf's — was inspired by The Viking's mascot (a cartoon King Olaf). In terms of looks, the team plans to ditch the nudie pics and giant space-suck of a ship, but keep the laid back feel. The Pussy Room will remain in its cramped and glorious location, though looks-wise, it'll likely get a facelift. Moot says they plan to continue to have live music back there, but may add a projector of big screen TVs for sporting events.

Food will be "delicious neighborhood bar grub" with a couple different types of burgers, a few of Persimmon's old house favorites (including its awesome Reuben), and possibly custom-smoked meats from an up-and-coming purveyor. They plan to serve the full menu til around 11, with simple sandwiches and snacks available late night.

Fingers crossed, Olaf's will open on August 21 for business, though there is still plenty of work to be done to make the veteran bar a brand new old drinking hole fit for the legacy it's born from.

Julia Wayne, freelance writer and Assistant Editor at Wetpaint

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