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Eater's First-Ever Greasy Spoons Week Starts Right Now

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For the next five days, Eater will be celebrating the affordable, accessible, comfort food-soaked restaurants of this city. That's right, it's Greasy Spoons Week 2013! During this time, some of Seattle's most notable chefs, restaurateurs and food writers will dish up a heaping pile of their favorite greasy spoons, menu items, cheap eats of yesteryear and other no-frills eateries. There will be interviews, photo galleries, guest posts and maps. Oh yes, there will be maps. Basically, this will be the farmer's breakfast of all things greasy spoon.

Now, about you. Do you have a favorite lunch counter or coffee shop in your neighborhood? Do you have a special fondness for that "meh" diner by the airport, or that old pancake house near the new CrossFit? Please, share your recommendations by either hitting up the tipline or the comments.