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Shuttered! Madrona's Restaurant Bea Closes

After more than a year in business, Restaurant Bea has closed up shop.

Per the restaurants' website:

I am very sad to say that Restaurant Bea is now closed. I will all miss our supportive customers and want to thank you for coming in.

I also want to thank my staff and wish them the best of luck. They kick ass and I couldn't have asked for better people to be with during this last year.

I welcome any thoughts or questions at

Thank you.


The restaurant opened on March 30, 2012, taking over the space vacated by June (and previously, Cremant). However, when chef Tom Black reportedly got the boot shortly after Bea opened, the restaurant struggled in the kitchen, eventually bringing on Jim McCarthy from the Hi-Life to take over. Plus, Madrona in general isn't exactly known for its foot traffic or higher-end dining.

Proprietress Kate Perry confirms with Eater that her restaurant has indeed closed, but still no details at this time on what sparked the sudden ending. Stay tuned.

Julia Wayne

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Restaurant Bea

1423 34th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122