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The Dish in Fremont is Expanding to Green Lake

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Fan of The Dish on Leary Way? Time to get excited, because the owner is opening a second location in the old Irwin's Bakery space in Green Lake.

Judy Fleissner, who has owned The Dish for five years (and is the diner's third owner), says the expansion idea took her by surprise:

We were not even planning on a second restaurant until we saw the space and we liked it so much. The neighborhood is a great neighborhood, too. That was the other reason that we did it.

The Green Lake Dish will have the same name, and most importantly, the same quirky aesthetic:

We're not trying to be anything but a diner. It will have homemade recipes and it's still going to have the kind of funky art and stuff we get from peoples' travels and things people donate to us. It should be the exact same thing. That's what we're going for.

It's also going to be a lot roomier with super high ceilings, but according to Judy, the seating capacity is supposed to be the same: "We have a local guy making a counter for us so we can have the original Dish seating, so we're still going with that. Same exact menu, and probably a lot of the same staff."

The biggest difference is that while the Fremont Dish is closed Mondays, the new Dish will be closed Tuesdays. Expect an early August opening.

And because the timing of this news coincides with Greasy Spoons Week 2013, Judy's favorite diner? Lil' Jon Restaurant & Lounge in Bellevue. "It's my favorite diner! It's just so old school when you go in there — the waitresses, the food. It's really, really fun."

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The Dish

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