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What You Missed by Not Crashing the Macklemore Video

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Photo: Joshua Lewis/KOMO News

A new term has been coined: Macklemobbed. It's what happened to thousands of people who showed up (some by accident) to the Macklemore video shoot at Dick's on Broadway last night. Oh, you weren't there? Fortunately, a handful of media outlets were. Here's what you missed:

Macklemore video shoot ends at 1 a.m. [Seattle Times]

• The crowds made it impossible for Macklemore to make his planned 6 pm entrance into the front driveway, so, two hours later, he snuck in the back alley off John Street in a Mercedes SUV.

• At 11:36 p.m. he finally made an appearance, waving to the crowd from the roof.

• The shoot was just one scene from a video for the song, "White Walls." The band shot another scene earlier, in Los Angeles.

• The sequence at Dick's consisted of Macklemore getting in line for a hamburger — while dozens of extras lined up alongside him — then dancing and singing as he walked over to three Cadillacs and an old Honda.

Fans jam Capitol Hill for 'secret' Macklemore video shoot [KOMO]

• "Macklemore reached out to us," explained Cre8tive Empowerment president Saul Spady, who has been managing the social media and promotions for the Dick's 60th anniversary campaign, "and wanted to know if we could help him with his new video."

• The private rooftop at Phoenix Comics and Games served as a bird's-eye view for local media.

• One shot included Macklemore and Lewis cruising in a limousine that resembled the one used in Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Posse on Broadway."

Actual Things Overheard at the Macklemore Video Shoot [SW]

Man on the phone: "...and there he was, Macklemore, just rollin' down the street, and all these teenagers are just ready to rip off their tops... nah man, I ain't jealous. That's sick dude, they are all like, 13."

Did your posse make it to Broadway tonight? (VIDEO) [Dick's]

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