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Liquor License Granted! Aston Manor Will (Finally) Open Tomorrow Night

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Photo: A. Garland

Remember Aston Manor? The social club that made a splash back in March when it announced plans to become the next big thing in SoDo, but then never opened? Get out the champagne and model-and-rose-petal-filled bathtub because it's finally opening! Tomorrow night at 9:30 pm, Aston Manor will celebrate with a Guys & Dolls grand opening party featuring the Manufactured Superstars out of Denver, as well as other DJs.

The big hold up with the opening was a liquor license. They finally were granted one.

Word is that Maison Tavern, a separate area that contains a bar and the mezzanine, will open September 5.

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Aston Manor

2946 1st Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98134