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Why Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt Was Forced to Close in Pike Place Market and When It Might Reopen

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt quickly became a favorite stop at Pike Place Market when it opened across from the fish throwers July 5. Now, they're closed, quickly shut down by the Historic Commission. Says Alex Apostolopoulos, whose family owns the company:

Whatever the Historic Commission thought we were going to be, is not what we are. So by continuing to trade we are in violation of their initial approval for our stand.

The next step to reopening?

We need to go before the Historic Commission with a new application based on what we are doing now, before we are allowed to continue to trade. We do have the support of the Pike Place Market Management to keep us in the market, so we are optimistic of returning. What the market has asked us is to encourage public support through email to the Commission and public attendance at the meeting on August 14.

Alex's major concern is that there is no work for their employees at the Georgetown retail site where the yogurt is made.

In addition, there is a flow on effect to our suppliers, as we buy the majority of our raw ingredients from small businesses within a 100 mile radius of the Seattle, who each individually made special arrangements within their own businesses to start supplying us directly.

Pending the Historic Commission's approval, Ellenos could be back open on August 15.

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Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

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