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Here's What (and Who) Is Cooking at Percy's in Ballard

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It's still about a month away from opening, but for now, Percy's is at least revealing its chef.

Meet Dave Lamping. He's been tasked with creating a menu for the apothecary-inspired cocktail bar taking over the Old Town Ale House space. In a former life, Lamping was the opening sous chef at Bastille before moving on for a year-long stint at Re:public. After that, Lamping headed to Classic Concepts to help launch Cal's in both Kent and the recently shuttered SLU location. Percy's will be his fifth restaurant opening.

On the menu: a lot of vegetables and mostly small plates with a few entrees.

"My approach to food is to let the ingredients speak for themselves," says Lamping. "'I tried not to go too crazy on the amount of ingredients in each dish because I had to design the menu around the space and our kitchen at Percy's is on the small side for sure."

So far, Lamping has added things like a tomato salad with housemade cheese and crispy basil to the menu, along with steamed manila clams with housemade bacon and a roasted green chili broth.

Percy's, described as a juice bar-meets-cocktail bar, will be juicing a lot of produce for their drinks. The menu will also lean towards healthful.

When Percy's opens in early August (that's the plan, anyway), it will be open daily for dinner Mon-Fri with brunch thrown in on the weekends.

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Percy's and Co.

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5233 Ballard Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107