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Bloom Restaurant is a 'Real Business Now!'

Bloom is getting ready to open its doors to the public tomorrow. Former Showa chef Jason Harris is upgrading his bento box pop-up to a real life restaurant, described as a Japanese farmhouse. He just posted this photo on Bloom's Facebook page with the caption "We're a real business now!"

Bloom is located just off Market Street on 17th Avenue (the former Le Marche space). And even though the place has shed its pop-up image, chef Jason promises that his goal of using traditional Japanese techniques to prepare local meats and veggies remains the same.

Look for year-round ramen noodle soup (including the popular Showa ramen), koji chicken and Japanese potato salad. And because it's summer, fried smelts. It's likely kabocha squash nimono will be on the menu come fall, followed by daikon oden in the winter.

To start off, Bloom will be open for dinner Wed-Sun, with lunch and brunch to follow.

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