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Ba Bar's Croughnut; Where Locals Go For Seafood

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Photo: ma kai/Facebook

CAPITOL HILL— If you're curious about this whole cronut craze, head over to Ba Bar. Their version of a croissant crossed with a doughnut is called a "croughnut" since the NYC chef who created the cronut had the term copyrighted. Seattle Met reports that pastry chef Karen Krol isn't filling hers, but says she is "dusting them in cinnamon sugar and doing various glazes and toppings." [Seattle Met]

SEATTLESerious Eats has a roundup of the top 5 restaurants in-the-know Seattleites go for awesome seafood, and there's nary a fast-food joint to be found. The spectrum ranges from old standbys Sea Garden and Mashiko to newcomer Marination ma kai. [Serious Eats]

SEATTLE— A gun control advocacy group has organized a Starbucks boycott this weekend to protest the coffee giant's "gun-neutral" policy allowing customers to carry in their stores (where legal). Organizers of "Skip Starbucks Saturday" hope the protest will spur Starbucks to ban legal firearms "in the interest of public safety." [USA Today via Eater National]