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When Is a Dark Beer Not a Dark Beer?


When is a dark beer not a dark beer? Simple—when it's a Negra Modelo. Negra Modelo's remarkably smooth taste and complex body make it an exceptional dark
beer. With its signature reddish color, this premium Mexican beer is for the person who
appreciates a perfectly balanced, full-flavored beer that pairs well both with great times
and great company.

Beneath the signature gold foil of a Negra Modelo bottle lies a unique flavor profile; a
beer with a subtle taste of hops, allowing a caramel sweetness with hints of chocolate to
shine through. Combine these flavors with the finest yeast varieties and the slow
roasting of malts, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

So the next time you're looking for a beer with a distinct taste, discover Negra Modelo—and the world of flavors that come with every sip.