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The Dish Green Lake Grand Opening; Fat Cork + Narwhal

BELLTOWN— "I went down to Frank's, our produce supplier at Pike Place Market, and checked out what they had yesterday. I basically grabbed what looked and smelled delicious and started playing around." — Spur mixologist Ken Gray, who created one of eight new tomato cocktails for Bon Appetit. His creation is called "Summer in Seattle," and involves strawberry, honeydew melon, and Voyager gin. [Bon Appetit]

QUEEN ANNEThe Narwhal is pulling up outside Fat Cork (111 West John St.) on August 16 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The Champagne retailer will be pairing four of its best, prestige Champagnes with the four current Narwhal menu items. A $15 ticket gets you a tasting of all the Champagnes (food is extra). [EaterWire]

GREEN LAKEThe Dish's new Green Lake location has an opening date: August 14. The second outpost of the popular Leary Way diner has taken over the old Irwin's spot on 65th and Latona. The grand opening runs from 7 am to 1:45 pm, with, according to an official Dish press release, "fresh juice and coffee, aroma of great food from a traditional menu with top shelf quality ingredients and healthy proportions, the feel and taste of the second diner brings you home." [EaterWire]

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