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What Is Seattle's Best Bar for Husky and Seahawks Fans?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. Got stage fright? Feel free to send your suggestion to the tipline instead.

bars-ROOKIES2.jpg[Photo: Rookies]
Football is back! At least pre-season. The Husky home opener is just a few weeks away (in their newly remodeled stadium) on August 31, followed closely by the Seahawks on September 8. But let's cut to the important stuff: Where is the best bar in Seattle to watch our teams win this season and why? Whether you're there to actually watch the game or have a fetish involving loud screaming while you eat fried foods, which bar best caters to the hometown sports fan?

Hit the comments or send an email. The best answers will be turned into map sometime next week.

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