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Josh Henderson on His Rapid Expansion Plans, Including a New Market Called 'Cone & Steiner'

Photo: S. Pratt / Cone & Steiner Facebook

Eater National has the first of a two-part Q&A with Seattle's Josh Henderson on his break-neck pace of expansion (Westward, Skillet, Hollywood Tavern, and recently announced Parchment). And to answer the obvious question, no he's not done opening things.

Exhibit A: He's joining forces with Fuel and High 5 Pie's Dani Cone to open a modern (but still old time-y) mercantile called Cone & Steiner.

He says:

For me, it's the kind of store I'd like to have next to my house, a place to grab a growler, some charcuterie, without having to go to the store. [C&S] is the neighborhood grocery store in a way that's 2013.

Like, organic milk in glass bottles sitting next to the Darigold. And sandwiches. And salads. And household items. And a flour station where you can actually grind your own flour (it's what Henderson is most excited about). "You really have to be representative of the neighborhood," he says, which is why there will be a suggestion box for locals to chime in on what they want to see on the shelves.

Cone & Steiner was the name of the store Dani's family owned on First Ave. S. back in the 20s. It will be located in the 19th and Mercer apartment development, which will also house Linda Derschang's Tallulah's and the Molly Moon ice cream/cookie merger, Hello Robin. Henderson says San Francisco's Bi-Rite market was the inspiration behind this new project, which he thinks could work in other neighborhoods:

I think the idea of growth...I think there's opportunity for more than one. There's no immediate plans to open a second store, but the opportunities are certainly there.

Look for a late November-ish opening, hopefully before the holidays.

Next in line to open, however, is Henderson's Hollywood Tavern. He tells Eater National "we will be open the second week of October probably." Also, "Hollywood is going to have a patio and this little spot up in the woods that's going to have a fireplace next to it."

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Cone & Steiner

526 19th Ave E, Seattle, Washington 98112