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Watch Scott Carsberg Talk About the Final Days of Bisato

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Documentary filmmaker Bryan Tucker has just released an interview he did of Scott Carsberg as he prepared to close his Belltown restaurant, Bisato, nearly one year ago (the last day of service was October 14, 2012). Carsberg and his wife operated that space for 20 years, running Lampreia before making the switcheroo.

In the short film, Carsberg (one of Mark Bittman's favorite chefs) says that, yes, he has a level of temper, "but it's only because I want to be better" and "for the most part, I'm actually likeable." He also breaks down crying talking about his wife, Hyun-Joo Paek, "I'm lucky in love and I'm lucky that I know how to love."

Carsberg does mention that a future project is not out of the question.

CHEF from Bryan Tucker on Vimeo.


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