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Seattle's Smallest Craft Cocktail Bar; Winter Mobile Feast

PIONEER SQUAREThrillist has some cocktail shots courtesy of Seattle's smallest bar, the Back Bar at E. Smith Mercantile. Many of the glasses and other cocktail accoutrements are offered in the mercantile (like the booze-soaked cherries). The 14-seat bar is going to eventually start taking reservations. [Thrillist]

SEATTLE— Over at Seattle Magazine, Allison Scheff plays a little "versus" game between the Portland restaurants she visited during Feast PDX and Seattle. What she finds is that for every cool Portland restaurant, there's a Seattle equivalent (The Sugar Cube = Hot Cakes; Olympic Provisions = Le Pichet, etc.) Well, with the exception of one place. [Seattle Mag]

FREMONTMarination, Off The Rez, Where Ya At Matt, and Ezell's Express have been announced as just some of the food trucks participating in Fremont's 2nd Annual Winter Mobile Feast on Sunday, November 17. According to the event's Facebook page, the full list will be announced Friday. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Thrillist]