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Here's the Menu for Ethan Stowell's mkt., Opening Soon!

See? It is small.

Ethan Stowell's newest project, simply called mkt. (and pronounced "market") is on track to open any day now in Tangletown, but the target date is not being released, just in case things go haywire (because that's what things do sometimes). Let's just say it'll likely be before October.

The new place is located in the Keystone Building, which currently houses Tangletown Pub and Mighty-O Donuts. And ladies, leave the big purse at home, because this restaurant is only 600 square-feet and can seat less than 30 diners.

Chef Joe Ritchie is the guy who will be engineering the menu, which currently looks like this:

Grilled and marinated green beans w/sea salt, lemon 7
Fennel pollen and orange marinated picholine, nicoise olives 5
Zucchini fritters w/lemon thyme, pesto 9
Pumpernickel w/cured salmon, dill crème fraiche 11
Dinah's cheese w/walnuts and tomato-honey preserve 8

Hamachi tuna ceviche w/citrus-cucumber ice, coriander, pickled red onions 15
Grilled shrimp w/olio nuovo, fennel 15
Dungeness crab salad w/tart apple, tarragon, endive 14
Seared halibut w/braised artichoke hearts, chanterelles, greens, dried chilies 23
Sea scallops w/ham hock, white beans, chervil 21

Grilled rabbit, frisee- bacon salad, savory, juniper 14
Grilled pork tenderloin, hazelnut-olive pesto, mustard seed, pickled peach 18
Fried quail w/marble potato salad, roasted plum sauce, rosemary 16
Grilled lamb tongue, baby beets, horseradish, grilled bread 13
Grilled wagyu beef w/grilled fingerling potatoes, fried onions 28

Slow roasted vegetable salad w/summer greens, shallot vinaigrette 9
Heirloom tomatoes w/melon vinaigrette, herb salad, sourdough croutons 9
Summer vegetable tagine w/rosemary, olive oil, preserved lemon 12
Porcini-ricotta ravioli w/mushroom broth, shaved porcini 15
Smoked mushrooms, duck egg, crispy barley, thyme 12

mkt. will be open daily from 5 to 10 pm and until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday.
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[Photo: klgseattle / Instagram]