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Another Bartell Growler Station; Tully's 'T' Comes Down

GREENWOOD— Bartell Drugs is opening another growler fill station, since its first one in SLU was such a hit. Seattle Met reports the drugstore chain is planning a second beer dispensary at their upcoming bigger-and-better Greenwood store at 100 N. 85th St., which is just down the street from Chuck's Hop Shop. Watch for a late October opening. [Seattle Met]

SODO— The giant Tully's "T" is no longer the cake topper on the old Rainier Brewery. It was brought down this morning in front of onlookers who were treated to free coffee. The neon green Tully's symbol is being replaced by the original I-5 icon: the neon red "R" that glowed until Tully's moved into the brewery in 2000. A giant new "R" (the original is at MOHAI) is currently being constructed and will be hoisted up later this month, so says KOMO. [KOMO]