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Women's Brew-vment: Meet the Ladies of Seattle Beer

Women are becoming a pretty big deal in the local beer scene. From Stoup Brewing's Robyn Schumacher (pictured): "Beer is becoming the drink of choice for younger, adult women," to Sara Luchi from Rock Bottom: "My experience as a female brewer has been nothing but rewarding," BC Reflections has an estrogen-enriched piece on a few members of the current female brew crew.

Pike Brewing's "Fan Turned Bottler" Tiffany Herrington (a former paralegal) tells the mag:

I love everything about beer — its ancient history, the diversity of styles, the fact that women were the first brewers thousands of years ago, how creative you can get with beer recipes; there really is nothing you can't try with creating beer.

The magazine does get the male perspective on the local craft brewing scene via a sales rep for Click Wholesale Distributors, who says he likes "the fact that these folks are getting into the industry because of their genuine love of beer, not as a get-rich-quick mentality."
· The Brew Crew [BC Reflections]

[Photo: Stoup Brewing/Facebook]