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Hot Cheese Hit-and-Run at West Seattle 7-11

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What started out as a grand idea involving Doritos and a liquid cheese dispenser ended poorly for a 7-11 customer who is now wanted by the cops (things didn't end well for the store clerk, either). It happened near 35th and Barton in West Seattle early this morning when a woman walked in, paid for a bag of Doritos, opened the bag, then proceeded to walk over to the hot cheese dispenser and began pumping. When the clerk told her she'd have to pay up for the cheese sauce, she threw the bag at his head and left. Other than some hot orange messiness on his face, he wasn't hurt.

Police are still looking for the woman, who at the very least owes the clerk an apology. And maybe some napkins.

Head on over to the SPD Blotter for information on the suspect and some more dirty details about the cheese fling.
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