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The Octopus Bar, Hawk-Inspired Treats, & More!

WALLINGFORD— It's been a long time coming, but Wallingford'll have a new watering hole come January 25. Thanks to a little Kickstarter generosity, The Octopus Bar will be greeting guests with (eight) open arms next Saturday in the old Wallingford Pizza House. Expect nautical jokes, "curated wreckage," and no fried food whatsoever. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLE— The Seahawks are getting ready to trounce the 49ers on Sunday, and a few delicious Seattle spots want to help fans celebrate. In addition to the Top Pot Dealfeeds, Brave Horse Tavern is serving up Game Day Jell-O shots in green and blue, and Relish Burger Bistro at the Westin is pouring the Hawktini (don't ask, just drink). [Zagat Seattle]

PORTLANDPDX is importing a few great Westie chefs, including our very own Matt Dillon, for Chef's Week PDX. The Sitka & Spruce/Corson Building/Bar Sajor/Bar Ferd'nand owner will be joining chefs from SF, LA, Vancouver, and Portland, for an extravagant dinner series February 6-9. Dinners range from $75 for a 7-course collaboration to a 21-course event featuring all the chefs involved in the week, for a mere $175. [Eater PDX]

[Photo: Relish Burger Bistro]